full moon party 2009 dj templetonInternational Trance TOP 100 Charts No. 3!

Enjoy the music & Please, don’t use any drugs ! After 40 minutz dancing in fresh air in 145 bpm your body produces own endorphine & serotonine. Life says, this is much better for your psychical health ! Shantim├án say: You can do too!

Mixed, compiled & performed 2009 live DJ Templeton @ Fullmoon Party Thailand.This album is dedicated to all the psy trance lovers and dancers all over the world, specially for over 1 million people in the last 10 years dancing on Koh Phangan Haadrin Beach, this maybe most beautiful party-beach in the world.

Lovely female voices from Aquatica, Indra, System Nipel & Elektra let us feel like angels are coming down, filled up with the strictly power of psychedelic trance, hard dance floor beats from DNA, Sesto Sento, F.F.T., Oforia and Astrix bring Templeton’s ultimate euphoric goa trance style to the top for the dancers!
Crying out of joy, getting a new spirit of positive energy with an everlasting smile on everybody’s face.
This special psy trance entertainment includes green lightening psy drums, a smashing boom from heaven to earth.
DJ Templeton – Greatest Goa on Earth
Enjoy this lovely Psy Trance Revolution