full moon party 2011 dj templetonDj Templeton, World Service 2CD Compilation: Fullmoon Party Koh Phangan 2011

No.1 @ Psyshop.de Charts (2011/2012)

Mixed, performed, compiled live by Dj Templeton.
Style: Psytrance, Psychedelic Trance
Released: Dec. 2011/51
Format: Double CD, Compact Disc
Cat-No: WOS2CD002
Barcode: 4250250404783This one in fluorecent red with 8-page-booklet is dedicated to all the lovely psy trance lovers and dancer in universe.
World Service proudly presents another milestone of Psychedelic Trance history.
The Fullmoon Party Koh Phangan 2011 Megamix.
Recorded during a Fullmoon Party morning-show in march 2011 from 8 to 10, when fans got extremely happy and crazy too about this good energy entertainment, but they wanted more.
Fullmoon Party 2011 continued to 11, and Wang at Zoom closed at 12 o’clock. It sounds like a Big Boom Blasting electronic rockband, spreading out positivism. Up from Crying Freemen’s Intro with ‘Zarathustra’ Dancefloor-Burner from Slider, Chakra, Kamasutrance, Aquatica, Bio Tonic and Eskimo give best energy to the dancers, with an everlasting smile in everybody’s face.
Koh Phangan Fullmoon Beach main season with 16 shows Girly GOA, oldschool Psy and kicking ass Fullmoon Master Trance let the people freak out and fly with voices of heaven and happiness, coming down with the strictly power of psychedelic trance. Now we have 10 years Templeton, Fans from 24 nations, the are expecting the next the upcoming Fullmonn Party 2012 events. Come to Phangan, enjoy and dance and Beat the Base, the Party will go on’.
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