dj_templeton_alienThe Mushroom Magazine featured me in their january editon!

DJ Templeton aka Tim Temple* hails from Berlin was born Matti Kaebs on Friday the 13th of June in 1958 with 4 yin signs and has been playing music in one way or the other since the sweet age of 16. He emphasizes that his father‘s work at the German Opera shaped his musical background in a major way providing him.

In his former life he has been both drummer and singer with a EMI-major-deal, has done 13 albums and 100s of shows amongst others in New York, L.A and he also played the Essen Gruga-Halle and the London Hammersmith Odeon.

For him the stage is his home. He became Dj Templeton, when he was infected with Psy Trance in 1998 at an inofficial Psy Trance party in the mountains of Ibiza. His biggest show has been the Fullmoon party at Koh Phangan where he has been playing since 2005. That‘s what his new ‚Fullmoon Party Koh Phangan 2011 Megamix 2 CD digipack‘ is all about. Full of crazy, moonkicking dancefloor-life at its wildest, psychedelic GaGa – in his own words.People who have experienced DJ Templeton live cannot limit their expressions of joy during his sets but write delighted entries afterwards too because of his wild, colourful, energetic shows and just love him for his positive crazyness.
Some say about his Koh Phangan 2011 set that it was the best set in Phangan ever which pleases him no end. Viewing his show as „Life-Goofy“ Dj Templeton wants people to benefit from his music and rather likes it when people sing to his tunes, that is why his new CD contains above average vocals too, but also due to his classic roots.Radiating positive energy he is proud of his spiritual teachers (Master Noguchi/Japan and Master Mantak Chia/Toa Garden Chiang Mai) and nowadays is a Buddhist, always in favour of contributing, sharing, not exploiting.