Phanganist: People just love him for his positive craziness…they can’t get enough of his wild, colourful, energetic shows…returning again and again every month to dance away his Full Moon Party sets at Tommy’s! In his words, his music for The Full Moon Party is “Full of crazy, moon-kicking, dance floor-life at its wildest, psychedelic GaGa”. It all began when he was in Germany, at a festival, he looked down and found a brochure for the New Year’s Eve Countdown Party in Haad Rin Beach.

That brochure was like a sign that he had to go to Koh Phangan, Thailand…and that’s exactly what he did…New Year’s 2002. He says, “I went and enjoyed, and danced; then at an after-show party at Paradise Waterfall, with my first compilation in my pocket, I found the owner and put it in his hands and told him, “Play this compilation CD.

This is one of the best Goa compilations in the world…please play now, man!” He continues on to tell us, “I want to know that I can make the people crazy. I like the people to enjoy, dance, smile, and everything…these are the reasons I am a DJ.” “I don’t want to say that I’m a pop star but pop means popular (which means many people like) and a star is a tiny little spot that’s brightly shining…and I shine out my sound and happiness brightly full of love and…I give good energy to the people…all of you, my honey bees.”

“The music began and all the people started to come to the dance floor, to dance…and enjoy…unbelievable!”

“I will not say I’m famous…I work hard and many people like it.” “I touch the sound in the heart of the people…and it makes the people smile with intelligent music.” “It’s so amazing when you see the little crying chicks on the dance floor, happy smiling, with a little Templeton flag swinging back and forth. It’s so cute! When I’m playing…and I look out into the crowd…there’s a big cloud of love over the dance floor…and I love it.” Watch the movie of Templeton @ Tommy Trance March Full Moon 2014!