Welcome to the next HYPER TRANCE SENSATION ! Brothers & Sisters ! The world is in LOVE !
DJ Templeton – NEW FULLMOON PARTY 2014 digipak ALBUM available NOW ! incl. 2 TOP RMX HITS & 3-D glasses – HYPER TRANCE in FULLMOON MASTER SOUND – FULL POWER & STARS on the MAINFLOOR !


This music put an amazing spell on you – Stars on the MAINFLOOR, release 1.5.2015, you will find everything and can ORDER @ AMAZON, psyshop, arabesque, all media markets worldwide & saturns

Fullmoon Hyper Trance at it’s best. So DJ Templeton releases album No. 4 !

Three Top 10 underground CHARTS were not enough, incl. one No.1 Album with Fullmoon Party 2011 in 2012, one No.2 in 2012 with Fullmoon Party CD 2012 and his first Fullmoon Party 2009 Album ever is a No.2 TOP 100 psytrance and progressive charts-album, yeah.

With the strictly power of psychedelic Fullmoon Trance from 143 bpm trax with powerful hit-character up to the massaker grooves in 146 bpm from trak 13 to 15 Templeton bring the lovers and dancer s in higher dimensions living in Electronic Master & Hyper Trance and Dance Music.

Voices on the Dancefloor open the spirits to overdose your mindwith tunes of love and joy!